Tika Chedna Angana

In Bardiya, we were privileged to gather among the presence of elders, artists, knowledge bearers of the tika body marking traditions of the Tarai. The first weekend of March, we listened to stories, of joy, friendship, and sisterhood, filled with laughter and pain; and witnessed the rewriting of stories with ink and blood. 

Known by many names tika, leela, godana 
are Indigenous practices that acknowledge a pedagogy merging body, art, and ecology; where to learn, one has to observe; and history is written in songs and memories encoded in movement.

Tika Chhedna Angana was not only a celebration of the legacy of Tharu women who have carried a universe of images, but also a beginning for new tika chheduiyas who continue this practice for it to thrive—in the very lands that shaped and nurtured this tradition.
हम्रे बर्दियामे तराईके बुरहाइल अग्रज, कलाकार, टिका छेडे जन्ना मनै (टिकिन्ह्या) हुकन एक्के ठाउँमे बलाइ सेक्ना अवसर पइलि । फागुनके १९ ओ २० गते खुशी होके सखि- सखिनके बिचके बातचित करलि जोन खुशी कबु हाँसि टे कबु पिरासे भरल रहे । टिका छेड्ना अंगनामे सखिहुक्रे करखा ओ रकटसे बट्कोहिके पुर्नलेखन करलै ।

टिका, लिला, गोड्ना बहुट नाउसे चिहिन्जिना टिका छेड्ना काम आदिबासी प्रचलन हो जहाँ जिउ, कला ओ प्रकृतिके पहिचान हुइल रहठ । यि सिखक लाग यिहिन मजासे बुझे परठ । यकर इतिहास गीत ओ सम्झनासे भरल रहठ ।

टिका छेड्ना अंगना थारु महिलनके विरासतके बरवार उत्सव हो, जे मेरमेराइक चित्र बोक्ले बटै । यि प्रचलनहे निरन्तरता डेहक लाग लौव टिका छेडुइया पुस्ता यिहिहे फुला असक फुलइहि- यि जीवन्त ओ हमार पुर्खाहुक्रे बचाके ढारल भूमिमे ।

  This project builds upon prior research and works on the tika and godana traditions by Artree Nepal.

We would like to extend a profound sense of gratitude to the elders who came to share, show, and mark —at perhaps the largest gathering of tikanhyas in decades. And also express our appreciation to those who came to learn, receive, and continue this lineage.

Ramkumari Katharia
Sukhli Devi Chaudhary
Chukhani Devi Chaudhary
Jagmoti Devi Chaudhary
Suvasni Devi Choudhary
Kavita Rana
Diuti Tharu
Bhathani Tharu
Khinti Chaudhary
Nim Kumari Chaudhary
Sanjita Rana
Punam Chaudhary
Sanu Chaudhary

Project Team: Indu Tharu, Lavkant Chaudhary, Priyankar Chand
Image credit: Mekh Limbu
Supported by UNWomen Nepal, Suomi Finland

Special thanks to
Dalla Homestay Bardiya
March 2-4,  2024


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