Himmatwali Maleeka

Alina Chantel is a freelance illustrator who is passionate about the social and political implications of visual storytelling. Her work explores the issue of gender and visual culture. Her presentation examines two popular Nari Pradhan Chalchitra, Himmatwali and Maaleekaa and explore how audiences from different social settings see the representation of women in these films.

Refreshment by Sushobhan Chimoriya, a culinary enthusiast who is looking to combine dishes from around the world with the Nepali flavors that they are familiar with. They believe that every single dish can be successfully veganized without losing its cultural and historical importance. Their new year resolution is to start a vegan cooking blog. About the food: Three experimental vegan presentations that combine traditional Burmese cuisine with Nepali and Indian influences.

Image credit: Alina Chhantel
April 30,  2023


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