Confession is an Aesthetic

Keepa Maskey, a neurodivergent visual composer, an inquisitive thinker, recognizes the process of critically reflecting, questioning, unlearning, wandering as integral parts of her practice.  

What could vulnerabilities cultivate?  

Keepa’s practice has allowed her to break the cultural structure and experiment with diverse perspectives pushing towards experiential works.

Keepa’s paternal grandmother, Nani Maiya Maskey, has influenced throughout her creative journey - the complex relationship that simmered within the existing caste-system.  She questioned - her identity.

At present, it is her writing, drawing, stitching,  filming, deconstructing, collecting images, coloring, listening, moving – performing to connect - disconnect, to imagine; a notion of community armored and guided by ancestral knowledge. In this journey of   becoming - unbecoming.

Refreshment by Chanchal Newa Khadgi. She is a homemaker and someone who learnt to cook out of necessity in this patriarchal world but made the best of it by enjoying it in ways by mixing cuisines and flavours according to her preference. She loves experimenting with food and started more during lockdown when the household turned vegan. She doesn't like the spotlight and is the most humble human being who does so much but takes credit for none.

Image credit: Keepa Maskey
May 28, 2023


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